The Digital Image Editing Level I course is the first three courses based on The GIMP software. This open source application is an excellent tool for the editing of raster graphics (bitmaps). It is a cost effective alternative to expensive applications such as Photoshop.

The three courses are intended for the delegate who needs to develop skills in the editing of digital photos, photo retouching and restoration, photo enhancement, and the creation of special effects and digital art.

  • Course Name: Digital Image Editing Level I
  • Duration: Two days
  • Requirements: Computer literate
  • Cost: R3100 per person
  • Topics:
    • Introducing The GIMP
    • Loading, Saving and Exporting Images
    • Pixels, Bit Depth and Image Modes
    • Scaling, Cropping and Rotating an Image
    • Making Selections
    • Understanding Layers
    • Retouching and Enhancing Images
    • Replicating Traditional Darkroom Effects