The Indie Bookshop is here!

Launched in June 2020, The Indie Bookshop is the latest offering from 2E Studio.  Hosted on the Etsy e-commerce platform, The Indie Bookshop has been developed to offer authors an outlet for their self-published ebooks.

We currently have books under the following categories:

* Children's storybooks
* Children's eductional books
* Self-help books
* Hobbies

The books are uploaded in PDF format, making them platform- and device-independent, as well as in a layout that makes it possible to produce a hard copy.

Authors are invited to submit their works for listing on The Indie Bookshop at the price that they believe is fair for their work.  The Indie Bookshop adds on a markup to cover hosting fees and administration.  When books are sold, the funds are paid directly into the author's bank account on a monthly basis.

In addition, 2E Studio is also able assist authors with the laying out of the book, proof-reading, editing, and cover design at very affordable rates.

Click on the link in the image above to browse what is available in the shop, and don't forget to bookmark the site so that you can check back regularly as there are new books in the pipeline.  We are also actively recruiting new authors to join the shop.  If you like what you see, please click on the Favourite Shop button to help our shop to rank on Etsy.