In May 2001, 2E Studio, then trading as Coral Tree Web Design, was established with the intention of offering affordable web design solutions to small, medium and micro enterprises. See the Web Design page for more information.

In 2004 we identified a gap in the computer training market for high-quality, topic-specific courses, and as a result, expanded our offerings to include courses and workshops, focusing on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), CorelDRAW, photo editing, and desktop publishing. Our courses can also be customised to meet the client's training requirements. Please go to the Courses menu for more details, or contact us to discuss your needs.

We are always looking at ways to save our clients time and money, and as a result, we have come up with the idea of offering workshops. Our workshops are basically very short (2 to 3 hours) sessions on very specific topics. To see a list of our workshops, please visit the Workshops page.

As a natural outgrowth of the web design and training offerings, we added end-user support and virtual assistant services to our list of offerings.

As part of our web design service, we have, from time to time, been asked to take photographs on behalf of the client for use on the website. We therefore decided to develop our capabilities in this area. As a result, in early 2019, we opened our photographic studio under the name 2E Studio. In addition to product photography for the web and advertising material that we already undertake, we now also offer studio portraits and personalised business cards. For more information, click on the Photography menu item. Since we plan to develop photography as our core offering, we made the decision to operate the entire business under the one name.